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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Laugh out Loud

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Laughing out loud is good for your health, an obvious sign of happiness, and contagious and therefore essential practice for cheering up a grumpy group of people.


  1. Read a funny book. Be sure to laugh out loud when it really does hit the funny spot.
  2. Watch a video on Youtube that you think is funny. Have a good laugh out loud, then share it with friends and laugh again.
    • Try watching videos of people laughing. It's contagious.
  3. Watch a funny comedy show. Again, don't just sit there passively but laugh along loudly with the jokes and funny parts.
  4. Read comics. Read them out loud and laugh at the funny parts.
  5. Watch a funny movie. Dumb and Dumber is good if you like potty humor. Find your comedy genre and set up an evening for laughing out loud.
  6. Shake jokes with a friend.


  • Laughing out loud is frowned upon in quiet public places such as the library.

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